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Mosquitoes ruin everything from barbecues and backyard playtime to simply relaxing on the porch, not to mention the diseases they spread.  Our goal is to make sure your family-time is mosquito-free by creating a mosquito free zone around your patio and yard.

We have all been living with mosquito bites our whole life. Zika and West Nile Virus has become a growing concern in the Austin, Temple, and Belton region. Mosquitoes are also serious transmitters of Malaria, Dengue Fever, Encephalitis, Yellow Fever, and more.

Because we understand a mosquito’s behavior and anatomy, we are able to provide an effective mosquito pest control treatment that will rid your property of pesky mosquitoes. Our monthly treatments are effective and noninvasive.

Mosquitoes are usually the most active between March and October, depending on the weather. Last year, Texas saw the end of a long drought, which created the perfect environment for mosquitoes to multiply. They are especially a nuisance during hot and humid Texas summers.

Standing water provides an ideal home for mosquitoes because all species require water to breed. Recent Texas rains have created stagnant water; these pools are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Upon inspection and treatment, our technicians will advise you about your property's mosquito vulnerabilities.

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Includes roaches, spiders, scorpions, ants, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes!

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Mosquito Warranty

Our mosquito pest control service carries a 30-day warranty after each treatment. If you are not completely satisfied with our mosquito control services, we will return to your property to treat until you are completely satisfied for no additional charge.

Proper Mosquito Control

For proper mosquito control and extermination, it is important to understand the anatomy and behavior of all mosquito breeds. Our mosquito pest control solution involves a once-a-month mosquito treatment, administered by one of our certified and licensed technicians. We will treat all mosquito harborage areas on your property, and give you information about environmental elements like standing water that you can correct to ensure maximum mosquito control. There are two over-arching concepts for mosquito control:

    1. Get rid of breeding grounds wherever possible. Turn over buckets, and get rid of old tires and kiddy pools. You will never use this stuff and they will hold water. You will need to consistently drain these stagnant water sources to get mosquito control. This may not be possible if there is a drainage ditch on the other side of your fence.
    2. Get a mosquito exterminator to treat harborage area where mosquitoes will be spending the daytime hours. We treat the vegetation and shady areas where mosquitoes live; thus, they will be exposed to the treatment and die.

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About Mosquitoes

After a hearty blood meal, a female will lay her eggs. Depending on the mosquito species, they will eggs in or near water. The eggs generally hatch with-in a few days. Development time for mosquitoes in about 10-14 days. Adult females live up to 1-2 months, while the males last about 6-7 days.

Mosquitoes can cope will almost any type of water source. Ponds, marshes, temporary flood water, drainage ditches, any source of standing water can be considered home sweet home.

Feeding Habits
The females require a good hearty blood meal before they can lay some eggs. They eat blood for up to 2 days, then lay the eggs. Now they are ready to feed again to continue the cycle. Dawn and dusk are active feeding times for most species, certainly the ones we deal with here in Central Texas. Generally, mosquitoes will tend to hang out in harborage areas of shade and vegetation throughout the day until feeding time.

Caught in some good wind, mosquitoes have been tagged and observed to travel up to 110 miles. Generally speaking, their normal flight ranges are about 5-10 miles.

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