Fleas Bother More Than Our Best Friend

Dogs and cats aren't the only ones affected by fleas.

We sometimes think that only dog or cat owners will need a flea extermination service for flea control. This is not always the case. Fleas can be brought to your home from neighbors with pets, rodents, and wildlife passing through your property, or even rodents and birds in the attic.

For successful flea control, we need to understand the life cycle, anatomy, and behavior of fleas. Our licensed inspectors will look at your property and identify the conducive and harborage areas. They can find the source and develop a flea control service program that will achieve flea control for you and your property.

Feeding Habits
Fleas are blood feeders. A flea's favorite hosts are usually cats, dogs, or even rodents.

Fleas are known to carry and transmit several diseases. You may have heard about the BLACK PLAGUE. It's also known as the Black Death; it killed between 75 to 200 million people. That was fleas.

Fleas are pretty small, about 1/8". They are brownish-black or black. They can turn a deeper shade of red after a good meal.

Females lay eggs after each feeding. They can lay up to 400-500 eggs throughout their life. These eggs are deposited on or between hairs, or in a nest. Eggs can fall off animals and will usually be found in cracks and crevices around an infested home or business. Eggs hatch in 1-12 days depending on conditions.

Fleas love dogs and cats, depending on the flea species, but they aren't too picky. They can jump pretty far, about 6" vertically and can hitch a ride with you on your pants or shoes

Fleas love food and moisture. They will be found near these conditions. Remember that food could be you, a dog, cat, skunk, rat, rabbit.... anything with some blood.

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What does our flea control service look like?

Over the past 4 decades, we have developed a flea control service to address your flea infestations. Flea extermination requires knowledge of the flea’s life cycle.

Our flea extermination process:

  • FREE Flea Inspection
  • Initial Trip
  • Follow Up Trip
  • 60 Day Warranty

Proper Control Process

Our flea extermination is a 4-step process.

  1. The Host. The host needs to be addressed. If it is your dog, you need a flea bath or something along those lines. You could have rats in the attic or skunks in a crawl space. If this is the case the rodents need to be prevented from entering the structure.
  2. Indoor control. Everything needs to be picked up off the floor. Pick up in closets, under furniture, all over. Now Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! The flea exterminator will need to treat all carpet, all cracks, and crevices. Then the treatment MUST DRY. Now you need to continue to thoroughly vacuum every day. The vacuum vibration will entice the flea eggs to hatch and then they will be exposed to the treatment. This is a big deal and will ensure flea control.
  3. Outside control. You need to treat inside and out if you want a competent flea control treatment. We treat areas where the animals are. Then also treat harborage areas - shady, moist areas. Anything that could be a flea habitat.
  4. Follow-Up. 7-10 days from the initial treatment, we will follow-up with you to address any residual fleas. Lastly, rest assured because our flea service comes with a 60-day warranty.

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