Bird Control

With over 35 years of experience, we know a thing or two about controlling birds.

They're gorgeous creatures with beautiful songs, but sometimes birds can be outright pests by nesting in public areas, driving off customers, splattering their droppings and destroying fruit crops. They can also harm buildings or cause traffic jams by congregating in parking lots and busy roadways. This is dangerous for both birds and motorists. This is when bird removal help may be needed. Austin businesses and homeowners can rely on The Bug Master for professional and reliable bird pest control services.

From Pleasant to Pest

You want to consider our bird removal solutions under any of these circumstances:

  • You've seen nests clogging vents and air ducts.
  • Bird droppings are discoloring your building's or car's paint jobs.
  • You can't hear yourself think because of the noise nearby flocks are producing.
  • You're in the foodservice industry and your products risk contamination.
  • Birds have nested nearby and see you as a threat, posing bodily harm possibilities.
  • You are fighting illness, possibly due bird-related germs.


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What Clients Are Saying

Edgar handled all of our services promptly and professionally. He went above and beyond what I expected, by helping and educating our residents. The residents were appreciative to finally have someone who cared about their problem.

-Lisa, Mission James Place Apartments

Our tech Kyle is very nice and helpful. He is always very detailed on letting us know what is going on in each apartment. Great customer service.

-Parkside Crossing Apartments

With All This Experience, We've Got You Covered

Because we've been in business for over 35 years, you can bet that we've seen a lot. Every home and business is unique, and we've got the right group of problem-solving professionals to make sure what bothers you today never bothers you again.

Rest assured that all our service professionals are licensed and bonded. Our team is current to the latest technologies and pest control methods.

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