How to Get Rid of Rats in the Attic

Rats in your attic will breed producing up to 7 times a year producing litters of up to 12 rats.

How to Get Rid of Rats in the Attic There’s nothing more unsettling than knowing your home is infested with rats. Not only does their scampering make for an annoying sound when you’re trying to sleep, but they are known for carrying contagious diseases and spoiling any food they can find in your home. If…

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How Do Crickets Get Into Your House?

Crickets can get into your house through tiny openings in and around your home. They tend to do this when it gets hot and dry outside.

How Do Crickets Get Into Your House? Crickets can be a huge problem, especially here in Texas. They get into your house and can be quite difficult to find and get rid of. Plus the cricket’s chirping can be super annoying – we’ve all been there looking for that random cricket inside the house. What…

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Are Crickets Harmful?

Crickets are not harmful or dangerous to people. Here's some more useful information about crickets.

Are Crickets Harmful? This time of year, many of our pest control customers tend to start seeing crickets turning up. One of the questions we consistently get is “are crickets harmful”? The short answer is no. Crickets haven’t been known to be dangerous or harmful to people. We’ve all been there: turning the house upside-down…

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How Do I Get Rid of Fleas?

Image of a dog scratching because he has fleas.

Fleas are blood-feeding insects. They bite birds or mammals and feeding on blood. You, your pets, other people pets, wild animals; they don’t care who or what they bite as long as it has blood. Which means two things. One, they are super annoying because they bite you, and everything that bites you is annoying.…

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