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Austin Rodent Control : 7 Things to Know About Mice

rat chew holes 195x260Austin Rodent Control: 7 Things to Know About Mice. It has been a busy winter season. It seems like in Austin rodent control has turned into a year round problem. Usually when I talk about the types of rodent control Austin is concerned with, I am talking about rats or squirrels. However mice are also a frequent visitor to attics and homes throughout the United States. Here are a 7 little tid bits you should know about these little rodents walking around your attic like they own the place. Take some time to familiarize yourself with these guys so you will know a little more about what you’re dealing with. Education is always the first step in animal removal or rodent removal.

  1. When it comes to rodent control Austin isn’t alone. Mice invade over 21 million homes throughout the country every year. We see Austin rodent control and animal removal or rodent removal spike between October and February. Mice and other rodents enter your home looking for scarce food, water and shelter.
  2. Once these little guys are inside, they can do some damage. Mice are tiny but have huge appetites. Mice will eat fifteen to twenty times a day and still keep their girlish figure. Lucky! So when we consider the amount of time spent eating, it should be no surprise that mice will build their nest close to their food sources.
  3. Mice are little rodenty gymnasts. Believe it or not, mice can jump, climb and swim like you wouldn’t believe. These little guys can jump a foot into the air. This is why its so easy for them to get on top of kitchen counters or get to food on shelves in the pantry. The only way to keep them out of food for sure is with hard plastic tightly sealed containers.
  4. Not only are they little gymnasts, but they are also Houdini’s with wishers and big ears. A mouse can squeeze through openings as small as a dime with no problem. If you look throughout your home, you will certainly find holes this size all over the place. Many doorways will have some gap around or underneath them. Your AC unit conduit lines are a good place to look. If you find a hole around this line in the exterior of you wall use some steel wool and caulk to patch it up. Also, look on the roof and you will see a million gaps a mouse can fit through. These gaps could be roof vents, pipes or intersects. If you really take a good look you will be surprised how many gaps there really are. To prevent these entry points always remember, caulk goes a long way!
  5. A mouse’s life is short (and sweet? Maybe just short). In the wild mice only live a couple of months because of natural predators. Without these natural predators they would only live a couple of years.
  6. Kind of gross. Mice are full of germs and such. Mice commonly spread salmonella and Hantavirus. Mice are known to commonly carry about 200 different human pathogens. The mobility and eating habits of these critters contributes to their ability to spread these diseases all around. Yuk.
  7. Another big yuk. Mice are like little Houdini gymnast who were never potty trained. Now look back at tidbit number 1. They eat like 20 times a day. This means they produce anywhere between 40 and 100 droppings per day, just wherever. They also constantly give off micro-droplets of urine as they move about your home leaving a “bread crumb” trail made of pee. Hmmmmmm. But, look on the bright side, they don’t vomit unless extremely drunk and generally they aren’t drinkers unless you find them in a frat house.

If you need some help with Austin rodent control, you may want to call a professional. Rodent control Austin can count on should always start with a free inspection and written estimate. The animal removal or rodent removal will need to be done along with closing the holes where the rodents are getting in. Doing all this together will ensure proper Austin rodent control.