Termite Extermination & Prevention

The Termite Queen can cost homeowners up to $10,000 in damage.

Image of termite damage.

The Termite Queen is vicious.

The Bug Master is relentless.

Do you have a termite problem? Here at The Bug Master, we can help with our professional termite treatments and inspections in the Austin area. Termites destroy homes and can create costly damage. Our experts can diagnose an invasion and quickly eliminate the threat before it gets out of hand with our termite control services.
Every year, termites invade over 5 million homes. They can be especially troublesome in Texas - where we have some of the heaviest concentrations throughout the United States.

The Termite Queen can produce over 1,000,000 offspring in her lifetime - making her formidable. She and her colony can travel the length of a football field looking for food.

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Common Termite Questions

The Bug Master uses the Sentricon® System to eliminate and protect your home from termites and is a Certified Sentricon® Specialist.

Our Proven Process

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We complete a thorough inspection of your home. Here we will verify whether or not any active termites exist and recommend the best solution.

Image of a pest control technician installing a Sentricon station to protect homes from active termites and future termite attacks.


We install the Sentricon system. If active termites exist, we will eliminate them immediately.

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We continually monitor and make sure you are termite-free!


Constant Protection From Termites

No Trenching or Digging

No Structural Drilling

No Chemicals Injected Into The Ground

No Scheduling Hassles

You Don't Need To Be Home

Green Benefits

  • We use the Sentricon baiting system and do not pump hundreds of gallons of chemicals into the soil. 
  • The system is 100% removable. 
  • There's no run-off or seepage into the water table. Sentricon is the only product that can be used around wells, cisterns, and close proximity to bodies of water.
  • Very little risk to beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies. Targeted product that only affects termites through their molting process. They are the only insects that have the mouthparts to eat it.
  • The active ingredient is housed within a secure, tamper-resistant station. 
  • Safe around people and pets. It has no effect on humans or animals...even if they ingest it.

Termite Prevention

How do we stop the termite queen?

WE ELIMINATE HER, before she arrives.

Don't fight the termite invasion. Prevent it from ever happening. 

Texas homeowners can face up to $10,000 in termite damage. Prevention is the best way to avoid costs, headaches, and the hassles of repairing your home

Affordable • Effective • Green

You have termites. We can help.

Starting at $599,

our termite services will stop the damage and continue to protect your home or business.

Affordable • Effective • Continual Protection

Frequently Asked Termite Questions

Identifying Termites And Termite Damage

Subterranean and Formosan Termites are the primary type of wood-destroying termite seen in Texas. They one of the most aggressive and economically devastating termites.

With All This Experience, We've Got You Covered

Because we've been in business for over 35 years, you can bet that we've seen a lot. Every home and business is unique, and we've got the right group of problem-solving professionals to make sure what bothers you today never bothers you again.

Rest assured that all our service professionals are licensed and bonded. Our team is current to the latest technologies and pest control methods.

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What Customers Are Saying

Edgar handled all of our services promptly and professionally. He went above and beyond what I expected, by helping and educating our residents. The residents were appreciative to finally have someone who cared about their problem.

-Lisa, Mission James Place Apartments

Our tech Kyle is very nice and helpful. He is always very detailed on letting us know what is going on in each apartment. Great customer service.

-Parkside Crossing Apartments

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