Roaches Can Ruin Your Day In More Ways Than One

With over 35 years of experience, we know a thing or two about getting rid of roaches.

Roach control is needed, trust me. Roaches are gross. Cockroaches are a big health concern for families and children because they are know to carry common disease pathogens and cause allergic reactions. Homes and businesses in Austin are certainly not immune to roach infestations and The Bug Master is here to handle it for you.

Some Useful Roach Facts

Here To Stay
Roaches have been around for 400 million years. Cockroaches and Keith Richards can live through anything.

Hygiene Issues
Roaches are commonly the reason our customers call us. Cockroaches are capable to carry many common disease pathogens and are know to cause allergic reactions for many people.

Identification is important. There are approximately 4,000 different living species of roaches. Different species have different eating and behavioral habits. It is important to be aware of these habits to know how to treat roaches.

Growth from an egg to an adult is strongly influenced by temperature and humidity. It can be as short as 53 days.

Cockroaches spend about 75% of their time in cracks and crevice harborage areas. They like to squeeze inside and hide out. Cockroaches like to be located near food and water sources with warmth and high humidity.

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Proper Roach Extermination

The extermination process for roaches consists of 5 important steps.

    1. Sanitation. Good sanitation is a really big deal. Cleanliness is next to roach-lessness. Don't feed the roaches with messy kitchens or food prep areas. Keep garbage out of your home or business by taking it out daily.
    2. Inspection. We determine where the roaches are hiding and what species of cockroaches we are treating. During an inspection, we flush the roaches out to find harborage areas.
    3. Insecticide application. Once the species and harborage areas are determined, there are many types of products and techniques our professional exterminator can use to kill cockroaches.
    4. Follow up treatment. Generally, for cockroach control, your exterminator will need to follow up with an additional treatment to get rid of roaches.

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What Clients Are Saying

Edgar handled all of our services promptly and professionally. He went above and beyond what I expected, by helping and educating our residents. The residents were appreciative to finally have someone who cared about their problem.

-Lisa, Mission James Place Apartments

Our tech Kyle is very nice and helpful. He is always very detailed on letting us know what is going on in each apartment. Great customer service.

-Parkside Crossing Apartments

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