How to Avoid Bed Bugs

bed bug 150x105Bed bugs in Austin are becoming a big problem. Like anywhere else, when you travel, you need to avoid bed bugs. You don’t want to bring home bed bugs. By following my  checklist you can learn how to avoid bed bugs.I follow this checklist every time I travel and have developed it over the last two or three years. This are simple and may be somewhat obvious, but will help you avoid bed bug heartache in the future. Keep in mind, if you think you have a bed bug infestation, you can always call us for a FREE bed bug inspection and we will send out a licensed professional.

  1. Ask the hotel if they have had any issues. If they have, you may want to reconsider that spot, or ask about what they have done. These bugs can be treated and there are a ton of great hotels out there that are effectively getting rid of their problems quickly. I would like to hear that they have the room treated and keep it vacant for a period of time after (1-2 weeks is sort of what I would look for).
  2. Inspect your room (hotel or otherwise) before you bring in your luggage. This may seem like a pain, but if the room has an issue, you don’t want to be in that room anyway. I actually carry a good flashlight and just check a few key areas
  3. The mattress. You are looking for either the bugs themselves, which are about the size of a tick you can definitely see them, or signs of them (see Quick Inspection Tips for more info).
  4. Furniture in the immediate vicinity. Take the drawers out and look in the corners and the edges. Look at the back of the furniture if you can, including the headboard; that’s where the flashlight comes in very handy.
  5. Don’t unpack your suitcase into the furniture or the closet. I may be paranoid but I actually keep mine in the bathroom where there are fewer hiding places and it is less likely that bugs will take up residence. I’ve even heard of a few crazy folks keeping their bag in the shower.
  6. Inspect your suitcase quickly before you take it into your home. If you followed the steps above and still somehow have a bug or two join you home you certainly don’t want to take it into your house. Check out our post on what you can do if you find you have bed bugs for a rundown of how to treat your suitcase if you do find something.